Found A Great Plumber In Topeka KS

I was having a problem with water not draining in my kitchen sink. I had tried a few different ways to get it unclogged, but I think I only made the the problem worse and the water was just sitting there when it was draining slowly before. I knew I would need to hire a plumber to get it unclogged and I started searching for one.

First, I went to Google and searched for plumbers in Topeka, KS. I found several of them with my search and I read over some of the reviews. Before calling them, I decided I would ask on Facebook to see which plumber my friends would recommend. It wasn’t that long before my friends responded to my post to let me know who they had experience with and which one was the best one to hire. I got the phone numbers for these plumbers and called them to see how quickly they could get to me. I hired the one that was able to come over the soonest.

He arrived later that afternoon and after looking at it, said it wouldn’t take long for him to fix. He asked if I had recently put grease down the drain or anything like that because that could be why it is not draining. I told him it was possible, but I never put that much down the drain. He was able to quickly get the water draining again and I was so relieved it wasn’t a major issue. He was nice and friendly and I was able to pay him then and there. I was happy I found a plumber that could take care of my problem quickly and that also didn’t charge a crazy amount of money to do it.

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