Topeka KS Is A Good City To Headquarter Your Travel Staff

If you manage a business that has a staff of professionals who travel the lower 48 states a lot, then the Kansas capital of Topeka is a great place to headquarter your company, or at least that staff. There’s several reasons for this.

The first is the central location of Topeka within the nation. If you have staff constantly flying around the nation, then being near the actual heart of the country really helps keep their flight times down. Miami, Maine, Seattle, and Sand Diego are all roughly the same distance away, and jet lag should not be an issue when your team members will never face more than a jump of two time zones in the continental United States.

Topeka’s airports connect to most major cities, although a short hop to Kansas City provides considerably more connections to pretty much anywhere your professionals need to go, including international destinations.

A second reason Topeka proves to be such an alluring location for a company headquarters is how cheap land and real estate here is. Even if you have staff traveling a lot, you’ll need a campus location with offices to base them out of when they’re not on the road. Given the wide open spaces of the Great Plains here, acreage does not cost much.

Cost of living is also lower here then in and around more major urban metropolises. Topeka is not a small town, but it’s also not a huge city. Whatever income your staff are getting for working for you is simply going to stretch a lot farther here. You can substantially raise their quality of living without having to give them actual raises. It’s things like that that earn serious loyalty, appreciation, and gratitude among professionals.

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